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Bell Gallery May 2 - 27
River Trail carborundum print  34 x 22cm £250_edited.jpg

River Trail 4 Carborundum Print


Holy Trinity Church, Blythborough IP19 9LP
Friday 13 - Monday 16 August 2021
10:30 - 17:30

A group exhibition of paintings, prints, sculpture inspired by the artist Harry Becker who spent the last decade of his life living and working in Suffolk.

Anna Badar 2021


The River Trail series was inspired by my regular walk alongside the River Blyth that flows through Halesworth Town Park. The path is lined by wild grasses and flowers, and a range of magnificent trees. Blackbirds sing and flit through and sometimes mallard ducks and an immaculate white egret can be seen feeding in the water. The trail along the river is always a delight and just long enough to refresh and inspire

The Sketchbook Project

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This project - an A5 size sketchbook linked with the Brooklyn Art Library- sustained me for a few months during lockdown this year - 35 pages filled with ideas inspired by magnificient night skies seen at Dunwich Beach, Suffolk - always different and always beautiful -my go to place!

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